I love the purity of my vodka: it is like water and fire meeting in a single glass.


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Some great stories really do come from a simple idea. To make a vodka here in italy that is infused with all the quality, beauty and authenticity for which this country is so celebrated. The most famous and best-loved italian answer to the world of vodka came about from a new challenge Roberto Cavalli chose to take on and from the devotion of his son, Tommaso, to products that are deeply genuine and perfectly in tune with nature.

And so, the cosmopolitan spirit and joie de vivre of the father came together with the son’s meticulous nature and devotion to purity as they set out to explore the depths of italian quality. Because in order to accomplish their goal, they would settle for nothing less than the very finest raw materials. This is why roberto cavalli vodka is a masterpiece of fine flavour. Sophisticated, elegant, crafted for the most demanding palates, a product born of the excellence of traditional italian distillation.


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In the fertile Granda valley, at the foot of Monviso where the southwestern alps meet the Po river, Roberto and Tommaso cavalli selected the finest variety of grain to produce Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

It’s a variety that has always ripened enclosed within precious ears of wheat, in fields that like a golden mantle drape the area between the majestic mountain peaks. This special kind of grain is rich of a-type starch which converts the sucrose into the purest of forms and makes the distilled alcohol cleaner and more engaging.



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The source of the magnificent clear water used in the dilution process is located on the alpine slopes of Monte Rosa, in a pristine environment far from any form of pollution.

The spring is in a spectacular setting where the natural elements are free to express all their beauty and embrace one another under the deep blue sky. Thanks to its low mineral content, this water doesn’t need to be distilled and it gives the vodka all the purity which contributes to its extraordinary quality.



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In the world’s most famous marble quarries of Carrara they still produce a very special marble powder that, together with cellulose panels, is used to filter the distilled liquid of Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

Up there, where such master sculptors as Michelangelo selected the perfect blocks of stone to create their masterpieces, Roberto and Tommaso Cavalli choose the very best flakes and shavings of a marble that is steeped in 190 million years of history, all to make sure that their final product has exactly the right ph balance.



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Tradition sometimes disappears into the depths of time. Other times, tradition retains the energy to renew itself every day and thrive alongside modernity. Every bottle of Roberto Cavalli Vodka is imbued with a love of detail that echoes ageless history and timeless craftsmanship. It is a heritage made up of gestures, rituals and knowhow that infuse this vodka with an utterly unique character. The alcohol is distilled to perfection with meticulous patience and care. The first distillation makes use of four columns, a special copper still completes the process and ensures an absolute purity that is then preserved bottled in small batches.

Like the reflections that underscore the crystalline transparency, the ingredients, places and techniques used to make Roberto Cavalli Vodka are the core elements that craft an outstanding end product. Roberto Cavalli Vodka is crystal clear, its nose exudes a very honest, clean aroma with vague undertones of citrus. It goes into the mouth sweet, soft and well-balanced, a prelude to a medium-bodied structure with a fine, silky elegance that features minerals and spices. Its well-rounded flavour and delicate minerality gently fade away in a lasting finish.


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Everything is glorious with Roberto Cavalli Vodka, an ideal choice that thrills at any moment of the day and exalts the eternal rituals of seduction that belong to the night.